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PMS Calm Cycle ( 20 Tea Bags )

PMS Calm Cycle ( 20 Tea Bags )

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Curated in collaboration with Luke Coutinho, India’s renowned Holistic Lifestyle Coach and Nandini Mehta, tea sommelier & founder of Dancing Leaf, the PMS brew acts as a trusted confidante to naturally ease the body of cramps caused by premenstrual syndrome. This PMS brew helps build a normal and relaxing cycle. This therapeutic tisane is an understated powerhouse of fine nutrients and natural, wholesome ingredients. The calmness of chamomile brings upon a sense of tranquility and soothing to the brew which is otherwise brimming with natural wellness and healing.

Ingredients: Cinnamon, Chamomile, Raspberry Leaf & Star Anise

Red raspberry leaves contain fragarine, a plant compound that helps tone and tighten muscles in the pelvic area, which may reduce the menstrual cramping caused by the spasms of these muscles

Chamomile possesses anti-inflammatory, antispasmodic, sedative, and anti-anxiety properties that significantly relieve painful menstruation & anxiety.

Star anise contains anethole which is shown to decrease hot flashes.

Cinnamon significantly helps in reducing pain, menstrual bleeding & nausea.

Quantity: 20 Individually Wrapped Soilon Tea Bags

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