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Bamboo Matcha Whisk-Dancing Leaf
Bamboo Matcha Whisk
Sale price₹ 1,250
Canasta Basket Infuser-Dancing LeafCanasta Basket Infuser-Dancing Leaf
Canasta Basket Infuser
Sale price₹ 550
Cesto Tea Basket Infuser-Dancing LeafCesto Tea Basket Infuser-Dancing Leaf
Cesto Tea Basket Infuser
Sale price₹ 650
Esfera Tea Infuser-Dancing LeafEsfera Tea Infuser-Dancing Leaf
Esfera Tea Infuser
Sale price₹ 575
Handmade Bamboo Chashaku Matcha Tea Scoop-Dancing Leaf
Matcha Bowl Kuro Black-Dancing Leaf
Matcha Bowl Kuro Black
Sale price₹ 2,400
Matcha Bowl Midori Green-Dancing Leaf
Matcha Bowl Midori Green
Sale price₹ 2,400
Matcha Bowl Shiro White-Dancing Leaf
Matcha Bowl Shiro White
Sale price₹ 2,400
Meshball Infuser-Dancing Leaf
Meshball Infuser
Regular price ₹ 350 Sale price₹ 250
Nilaya Tea Bag Holder - Set of 4-Dancing LeafNilaya Tea Bag Holder - Set of 4-Dancing Leaf
Plano Tea Infuser-Dancing LeafPlano Tea Infuser-Dancing Leaf
Plano Tea Infuser
Sale price₹ 475
Tea Pot Scoop-Dancing LeafTea Pot Scoop-Dancing Leaf
Tea Pot Scoop
Regular price ₹ 570 Sale price₹ 325

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