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Linea Double Wall Cup (150ml) Set of 4

Linea Double Wall Cup (150ml) Set of 4

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The Danish use the word 'hygge' to express a mood of cosiness and comfortable conviviality with feelings of wellness and contentment. For us it's the act of cupping warm tea with both hands around a high quality double walled glass cup. The Linea crystal clear heat resistant tea cup can bear instantaneous temperature so you can directly pour in your piping hot tea drink. Sip on your soothing elixir with a unique view of glass contents.

  • High quality double-walled glass
  • Insulated design for perfect drinking temperature
  • Easy to hold even with hot liquid
  • Clear glass lets you see the colourful brew
  • Snuggle up with the comfortably handle-less cup

This pack contains set of 4 Linea Double Walled Cups.

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