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Green Coffee with Cinnamon - 200 gms (20 Cups)

Green Coffee with Cinnamon - 200 gms (20 Cups)

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Curated in collaboration with Luke Coutinho, India’s renowned holistic health coach and Nandini Mehta, tea sommelier & founder of Dancing Leaf, the green coffee bean is a hidden gem waiting to be unearthed. According to new research which shows that an extract from these beans can help lower blood glucose levels, prevent brain disorders connected with diabetes and reduce weight. The infusion of cinnamon fortifies the strength of this unique blend. 

Ingredients: Green Coffee Powder & Cinnamon

Green Coffee promotes healthy blood sugar and blood pressure levels, while the cholorogenic acids present in the coffee help induce weight loss.

Cinnamon helps to regulate blood sugar levels, improves insulin sensitivity, reduces LDL cholesterol, and has anti-inflammatory properties.


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