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Viajero Glass Travel Tea Tumbler (350ml)

Viajero Glass Travel Tea Tumbler (350ml)

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Viajero Glass Tea Tumbler makes for an ideal travel partner. Behold the dancing ritual of loose leaf tea or the unfolding of flower blossoms through the clear glass design. With a built-in strainer, this glass tumbler allows you to steep tea on the go. Keep your hands cool and your tea warm with this double-walled tea tumbler and treat your senses to tranquil colours all day.

  • Travel tumbler with anti spill lid
  • Built-in strainer
  • Double-walled tumbler
  • Keeps contents warm for hours

How to use -

Step 1: Scoop desired amount of loose leaf or tea bag into the strainer

Step 2: Pour hot water through the strainer and watch the rich colours emerge through the glass

Step 3: Tighten lid around tumbler and allow tea to steep for few minutes

Step 4: Enjoy your beverage on the go

Capacity 350ml

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