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Clasico Teapot with Infuser (1000ml)

Clasico Teapot with Infuser (1000ml)

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The crystal clear center of attraction at tea parties, the stylish and elegant Clasico Glass is a generously sized borosilicate teapot. Stronger and more heat resistant than conventional glassware, the stunning glass teapot makes tea-time a visually arresting experience. Watch as the loose leaves dance in the infuser, rendering a calming hue to your brew. 

  • Strong, borosilicate body
  • Heat resistant
  • Elegant handle, graceful spout
  • Contains infuser
  • Steeps tea bags, loose-leaf & fine leaf tea
  • Ideal to study tea colour and clarity
  • Serves 2/4/6 cups (Depending on the chosen capacity of teapot)

How to use -

Step 1: Add tea bags or loose leaf tea in the infuser. 1 scoop or bag per 200 ml of water

Step 2: Pour steaming water until tea leaves are fully immersed

Step 3: Cover the glass lid and allow tea to steep for a few minutes

Step 4: Pour tea into cups and serve

Capacity available 300ml / 500ml / 1000ml

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