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Esfera Tea Infuser

Esfera Tea Infuser

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Fine tea requires the right accessories to bring out the best tea-time experience. The fine mesh high quality stainless steel Esfera Tea Infuser keeps leaves out of your tea and is perfect for medium to large tea leaves. Allowing ample space for the brew to infuse and grow into a delicious cuppa, the Esfera Tea infuser is ideal for steeping long leaves, herbs, spices and flower blooms for longer durations. The Esfera infuser is a stylish, durable, reusable and trusty companion for teatime.

  • Stainless Steel stick infuser
  • Push-open handle
  • Premium mesh
  • Easy to clean
  • Food-safe stainless steel
  • Small holes for perfect infusion
  • Ideal for cups, mugs and teapots

How to use -

Step 1: Open the sphere and scoop in desired quantity of loose leaf tea

Step 2: Close the sphere and place inside mug or teapot

Step 3: Add boiling water over the infuser and steep for 2-5 minutes (or as desired)

Step 4: When the concoction is ready, remove infuser and keep aside to prevent over steeping

Step 5: Enjoy the freshly brewed goodness. Clean out contents to reuse Esfera Tea Infuser

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