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Clasico Teapot (300ml) + 2 Fino Double Walled Cups (80ml) (Combo Pack)

Clasico Teapot (300ml) + 2 Fino Double Walled Cups (80ml) (Combo Pack)

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The perfect tea starter combination of our Clasico Teapot (300ml) & 2 Fino Double Walled Cups (80ml).

Clasico Glass Teapot with in-built Glass Infuser (300ml)

The crystal clear centre of attraction at tea parties, the stylish and elegant Clasico Glass is a generously sized borosilicate teapot. Stronger and more heat resistant that conventional glassware, the stunning glass teapot makes tea-time a visually arresting experience. Watch as the loose leaves dance in the infuser, rendering a calming hue to your brew. 

  • Strong, borosilicate body
  • Heat resistant
  • Elegant handle, graceful spout
  • Contains infuser
  • Steeps tea bags, loose leaf & fine leaf tea
  • Ideal to study tea colour and clarity
  • Serves 2 cups

How to use -

Step 1: Add tea bags or loose leaf tea in the infuser. 1 scoop or bag per 200 ml of water

Step 2: Pour steaming water until tea leaves are fully immersed

Step 3: Cover the glass lid and allow tea to steep for a few minutes

Step 4: Pour tea into cups and serve

Fino Double Wall Cup (80ml)

Rich, colourful brews deserve fine accessories to enhance the tea-time experience and the Double Walled Cup fits the bill perfectly. The double walled cup is light weight yet crafted in sturdy and strong borosilicate glass. Fluid and elegant shape of this unique double walled construction insulates the potion within, keeping your tea warm but your hands cool.

  • High-quality borosilicate glass
  • Elegant, clear glass design
  • Heat-resistant
  • Double-walled cup
  • Light weight with a comfortable grip
  • Perfect for both hot and iced beverages

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